Equipment Financing

Help Choosing the Best Equipment Financing and Equipment Leasing Options

There’s more than one way for your business to get the financing it needs for equipment purchases. Some business owners prefer equipment loans. Others are thrilled by the benefits of equipment leasing. At SwellFi, we offer both of these options and several others. We can help you evaluate your needs and pick the best solution for your goals.

Great Financing Options

What are the advantages of equipment financing and leasing?

  • Leasing usually costs less on a monthly basis
  • Loans save you money in the long run
  • Both options provide tax benefits for your business
  • Sale-and-lease-back programs provide a mix of both worlds
  • Leasing or buying used equipment can cut costs and give you excellent machinery

The Power of Flexible, Low Monthly Payments

Equipment leasing is popular with many business owners because of how well it fits with the rest of your monthly expenses. While getting a loan offers lower overall costs, leasing gives you more comfortable monthly payments that keep your working capital free for other needs.

The Benefits of Upgrading Frequently

Leasing is excellent for new businesses and established businesses alike. If you need to upgrade frequently, you’ll like the freedom leasing gives you. Restaurants and retail businesses can get new payment systems with additional options, and other companies can stay at the cutting-edge of technology.

The Ability To Qualify for a Low-Interest Loan and Amazing Terms

One of the reasons our team is popular is that we make it easy for small business owners to qualify for large equipment loans. If you need to expand your business with heavy machinery or construction equipment, you can save thousands of dollars or more by going with one of our favorable loans. These loans give you a long time for repayment. Qualifying doesn’t require excellent credit because the equipment acts as collateral.

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