Purchase Order Financing

Finance Your Wholesale Business Without Going Into Debt

At SwellFi we specialize in curated finance solutions for specific needs. Businesses dealing in wholesale production often need spur-of-the-moment influxes of capital to facilitate seasonal surges in production, larger than expected customer orders and deadlines for delivery to clientele. Having the capital to obtain the necessary inventory is critical to your business. Our purchase order financing program is the ideal solution for your needs.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

When you receive purchase orders from your customers, you rely on the ability to then buy the necessary inventory from your suppliers to fill the order. If a lack of available capital prevents you from filling the order, that’s where we can help. We will help pay your supplier for the goods you need, your customer will then pay us for their order and we will forward you your portion of the profits. It’s really that simple. Purchase order financing has many benefits:

  • Accept more and larger orders
  • Stay current with your suppliers
  • Deliver customer orders on schedule
  • Avoid incurring new bank debt
  • Establish good credit

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Whether you are a local business or you deal in exports or imports, the financial specialists at SwellFi can discuss the benefits of purchase order financing with you today.

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