Fix and Flip Financing

Finance Your Next Fix and Flip Project

Commercial property investors often need a speedy and reliable source of funds, free from red tape and other factors that can delay the receipt of those funds. We at SwellFi offer the following financing solutions to help guarantee that your next fix and flip project goes quickly and smoothly.


One way to secure fix and flip financing is through a loan, which is a set amount of money given to a business with the expectation that it is promptly repaid with interest. Take out a loan and receive benefits such as:

  • Fast closing, usually within 10-17 days
  • Cash value up to the full cost of any needed renovations and 85% of property purchases
  • Amounts between $60,000 and $10 million
  • Terms up to two years

Lines of Credit

Lines of credit differ from loans in that they work more like credit cards. Lines of credit come with the advantages of:

  • Fast closing in 18 days or under
  • Cash value up to 95% of the cost for any needed renovations and 90% of property purchases
  • The ability to be used for many properties, from one to over 500
  • Terms up to two years

If you need fix and flip financing for renovating, purchasing, or other expenses, contact us today to get started.

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