How To Keep Your Remote Team Connected, Enthusiastic and Engaged

In a world where you can take your work just about anywhere, teams are finding that remote work options are offering exciting new opportunities; however, it can also present challenges to employee engagement. The ability to bump into someone while grabbing coffee, connecting over lunch, and having impromptu meetings becomes a bit more challenging. If you aren’t careful, your team can be on its way to burnout and dissatisfaction. If you want to boost your team’s sense of connection, enthusiasm, and engagement, here are five ways that you positively improve your culture and employee experience.

Show You Care

If you want your team to know that they are valued, the little things go a long way. Send out care packages that can bring everyone together. Whether you go with a themed gift, something for them to savor, or something entertaining, make sure that your teams know you value their satisfaction and happiness.

Express Your Appreciation

While a casual compliment is easy to share in passing when you are together, doing so virtually requires a bit more effort. Send a quick email, give a shoutout at team meetings or create a virtual appreciation board. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity just because you aren’t physically together.

Establish Time to Bond and for Team Fun

Your team needs these opportunities to bond when working remotely. Consider bringing in a virtual show for some entertainment, taking an online improv class, or even a video cooking or mixology class. It is known that burnout can be even more prevalent in the remote working world, so you need to show your team that it is okay to take a break and enjoy each other’s company.

Let Them Focus on Passions

If you want to build up motivation and support a positive workplace culture, allow your team to focus on projects they are passionate about. Give them a bit of time away from their major work duties to focus on something that ignites their creativity and sense of purpose.

Leave Space for Them as Individuals

Jumping into the project at hand can feel like a great way to maximize productivity; however, by eliminating any personal connections, you miss out on key opportunities. While hearing about someone’s upcoming vacation may seem superfluous, by investing time in these casual conversations, you build trust, establish a sense of community and make it easier to address challenges that will inevitably arise.

With new opportunities to embrace technology, collaboration, and everyday work, both companies and employees are thriving in remote environments; however, employee engagement will require new strategies to coincide with these changes.