When You’re Struggling to Stay Motivated, Follow These Tips

Finding the motivation to get through your workday, your to-do list, or any other of life’s demands can feel like an uphill battle. Whether you are coping with a lack of energy, a recent setback or another hurdle that life has thrown at you, finding the drive to accomplish your goals is not always an easy feat. Although it can feel like your supply of enthusiasm to complete your goals is running dry, here are eight surefire ways to refuel your drive.

Imagine a Visual Representation

When you are struggling to stay motivated, your imagination can play an important role. Spend a moment imagining what it will feel and look like when you are done.

Know Your Why

While it can be lost in the shuffle of your ever-growing to-do list, your reasoning is an important factor in motivation. Knowing why you want to do something can help to give you the drive you need to complete it.

Break it Down

One of the reasons why goals and to-do lists can be intimidating is due to the vastness or a lack of clarity. Break down your goals and tasks into smaller, more manageable steps so that you avoid feeling overwhelmed or uncertain.

Develop a Plan

Once you break down each goal and task, you need a plan of attack. Determine your best course of action and embrace those steps head-on.

Prepare for Pivoting

While a plan of attack is essential, you also need to be ready to pivot. Life will inevitably throw hurdles your way and you may need to reassess. Don’t be so stuck on your original plan that you cannot change course.

Ask for Help

Another common hindrance to staying motivated is trying to take on herculean tasks without any help. Whether you feel stuck or just could use another perspective, make sure that you ask for help when you need it.

Know How You’ll Handle Diminished Drive

While you may have a perfect plan for your project or goal, you may lose your inspiration along the way. Be proactive by knowing how this shows up for you and have strategies that you can readily employ.

Stay Focused on Your Internal Inspiration

Whether you have a skeptical colleague or challenges from external forces, you can start to lose your sense of purpose or vision. Rely on yourself during these times and don’t let the skeptics deter you. Remember your internal inspiration and your why and you’ll persevere.

Finding motivation is often easier said than done; however, these tips can turn any unmotivated day into one full of inspiration and drive.